Mobile First Strategy - A Game-Changing Opportunity for Your Enterprise

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 3 Jun, 2015

The mobile first strategy advocates designing solutions for mobile phones/devices prior to designing similar solutions for desktop/laptop computers. With affordability and accessibility to information anytime, smart phones and smart tablets are becoming our main personal computers. As a result, customers, employees, and other stakeholders tend to take their smart phones/tablets everywhere, which definitely impacts the business. Many organizations continue to view smart phones and tablets as a threat. In reality, they are major game-changing opportunities.

In this webinar, Shanmugarajah Sinnathamby, director - mobile architecture at WSO2, will discuss the following

  • What is mobile first strategy
  • Steps to create the mobile first strategy in your enterprise
  • Benefits of the mobile first strategy
  • Different approaches to create mobile applications

Target Audience: CIOs, CEOs, IT managers, key decision makers in enterprises

Sinnathamby Shanmugarajah Director – Mobile Architecture, WSO2 He specializes in mobile technology with well over 10 years experience in the field. He has a strong background in telecommunication software development and is a hardcore coder in Android and iOS platforms. He also lectures in advanced Android and iOS application development. Prior to joining WSO2 Mobile, he was working as the CTO/ Director of Microimage Mobile Media for almost 15 years. He played a key role in engineering products where Microimage has won many local & international awards which includes winning the Inaugural GSMA Asia Mobile Innovation Award, Commendation from GSMA at the Barcelona World Awards in 2007, Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA), National Science & Technology Awards (Sri Lanka). He is also a typographist and a specialist in local languages and font technologies. He worked as an external consultant to Microsoft - Sri Lanka and ICTA - Sri Lanka.
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