WSO2 App Manager: Your One-Stop Shop for App Management Solutions

  • By Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • 23 Jun, 2015
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Onboarding a new employee involves the high-cost procedure of setting up the relevant apps they need to do their jobs effectively. This can be a time-consuming process if the number of apps used by an enterprise is high. The process of app development, effective distribution and updates is yet another challenge faced by internal IT.

WSO2 App Manager provides a unique app management solution where users can pick and choose the apps they need. It also provides a centralized place for IT operations to configure/control enterprise apps. Businesses can leverage its single sign-on functionality, which will reduce help-desk and administrative costs and do away with the need to memorize long lists of passwords.

In this session, Sumedha will discuss the core capabilities of WSO2 App Manager and explain

  • The component architecture of WSO App Manager
  • App distribution through the Enterprise App Store
  • Managing lifecycle with App Publisher
  • Effective usage of SSO to help end users as well as app developers
  • Statistics and monitoring of apps for strategic decision making
  • Deployment patterns for scalability
Sumedha Rubasinghe Director - API Architecture, WSO2 Sumedha is WSO2’s Director of API Architecture. He led the development of WSO2 API Manager from its inception in 2012 and also led the development of WSO2 App Manager. He is currently working on WSO2’s IoT platform.
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