Solutions Using WSO2 Analytics

  • By Tasha Hettiarachchi
  • 4 Oct, 2017
On-Demand Webinar

Solutions Using WSO2 Analytics

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (PDT)
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Today, enterprises are looking for innovative ways to digitally transform their businesses - a crucial step forward to remain competitive and enhance profitability. Streaming analytics is a key technology enabler that supports this effort by providing real-time insights on data in motion to help organizations gain the business intelligence they need.

Every industry has its unique challenges, especially where data is concerned. A key advantage of streaming analytics is that it can be customized to create solutions that meet the specific requirements of a particular industry. With years of expertise adapting our analytics products to customer needs, we’ve designed solution templates that target prominent pain points in specific industries.

In this webinar Nirmal will,

  • Introduce WSO2 Analytics Solutions and theirs use cases (finance and banking, retail, location analytics, IT operations analytics, etc.)
  • Demonstrate our fleet management solution that gives you the ability to
    • Know where your fleet is at the moment
    • Analyze your drivers’ behavior (do they obey speed limits and use optimal routes?)
    • Find the optimal routes (predict congestion)
    • Check whether the driver and the cargo are safe
    • Receive alerts on violation of rules based on Geo-fences
  • Explain how to customize WSO2 Analytics Solutions
  • Discuss how to reach out to us


Nirmal Fernando Technical Lead, WSO2

Nirmal is a Technical Lead at WSO2 and is passionate about researching and striving for excellence. His areas of interest include cloud computing, elastic scaling and data science. He has contributed to the evolutionary PaaS framework, Apache Stratos, where he was elected as a PMC Member and a Committer. Apache Tuscany, Apache JClouds and Apache Synapse are some of the other ASF projects that he is actively involved in. He has also participated in Google Summer of Code twice. Nirmal's Blog