20 Jun, 2019

Container-native and Cloud-based Enterprise Integration

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Container-native and Cloud-based Enterprise Integration

Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Companies across all industries adopt docker to enable a hybrid cloud strategy for their mission-critical legacy applications. WSO2 Cloud has the capability of deploying to integrate applications into the cloud with seamless effort. This webinar will explain the DevOps experience with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator tooling.

Discussion topics include:

  • Docker Image generation and deployment
  • Deploying an application to Integration Cloud
  • Deploying a new version of an application that is currently deployed in Integration Cloud


Dinuksha Ishwari Software Engineer, WSO2
Dinuksha Ishwari

Dinuksha is a software engineer in the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator team working on integration technologies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology specializing in Software Engineering from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.

Dileesha Rajapakse Software Engineer, WSO2
Dileesha Rajapakse

Dileesha is a software engineer working in the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator team. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Westminster, London specializing in Software Engineering.


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