26 Sep, 2019

Continuous Update Delivery with Puppet

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Continuous Update Delivery with Puppet

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Configuration management software enables the use of tested and proven software development practices for managing multiple environments/deployments in real-time. Puppet is used in maintaining multiple WSO2 product environments/deployments and keeping them up to date.

Join our webinar to explore the implementation of configuration management resources for WSO2 products using Puppet, and learn how these resources regulate the process of delivering updates in distributed setups.

Discussion areas include:

  • Constructing recommended deployment patterns with ease
  • How to deliver updates seamlessly across multiple deployment environments
  • Best practices


Vimukthi Perera Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Vimukthi Perera

Vimukthi focuses on installing WSO2 products on various platforms and the user experience when doing so. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Savidu Dias Software Engineer, WSO2
Savidu Dias

Savidu primarily works on developing automation resources for WSO2 products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the Informatics Institute of Technology, affiliated with the University of Westminster, London.


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