15 Oct, 2019

Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes Using Spinnaker

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Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes Using Spinnaker

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Continuous delivery helps development teams to deliver faster and safer. WSO2 Continuous delivery for Kubernetes provides the tools and pipelines required to continuously deliver WSO2 products to Kubernetes environments. Using tools like Jenkins, ELK, and Prometheus, WSO2 Kubernetes Pipeline is able to provide an end to end solution for development teams to deliver changes and WSO2 updates effortlessly.

Discussion points include:

  • Installing the Kubernetes pipeline chart with pre-configured pipelines using helm.
  • Deploying development, staging and production environment.
  • Deploying changes and WSO2 updates across environments.
  • Centralized logging using ELK.
  • Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana.


Thilina Manamgoda Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Thilina Manamgoda

Thilina focuses on the overall experience of WSO2 products on Kubernetes and Docker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Peradeniya. He is also a committer for Apache Taverna.

Aaquiff Rauf Software Engineer, WSO2
Aaquiff Rauf

Aaquiff focuses on continuous delivery for WSO2 products on Kubernetes. He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology Specializing in Software Engineering from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information of Technology (SLIIT). He also holds a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Curtin University of Technology.


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