3 Oct, 2019

Get Strong Customer Authentication [SCA] Ready for PSD2

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Get Strong Customer Authentication [SCA] Ready for PSD2

Tuesday, October 03, 2019
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Banks are standing face to face with the PSD2 go-live deadline, however, they are still not ready to roll out their interfaces with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). For this reason, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) agreed to give an extra 18 months for the roll-out of SCA.

SCA ensures that the consumption of financial APIs by the third party is done with the explicit consent of the customer and with multiple levels of assurance in the authentication, to ensure customer authenticity. WSO2 Open Banking allows compliance of SCA and provides extendability, allowing configuration of custom authentication methods such as SMS one-time password, out-of-band authentication, etc.

This webinar will discuss in detail:

  • An introduction to PSD2 AIS, PIS Flows
  • The basics of SCA
  • Configuration of Multi-Factor Authentication with WSO2 Open Banking
  • Additional Adaptive Authentication with WSO2 Open Banking Business Intelligence


Kaveen Rodrigo Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Kaveen Rodrigo

Kaveen works for the Financial Solutions team at WSO2. He focuses on the development efforts of WSO2 Open Banking. He is the lead engineer working on the Open Banking Conformance Suite that allows banks to test out open banking and PSD2 complaince. Kaveen holds a a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Informatics Institute of Technology affiliated with University of Westminster, London.


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