24 Oct, 2019

Perfecting Security Governance: This Is How We Do It

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Perfecting Security Governance: This Is How We Do It

Thursday, October 24, 2019
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Security is a top priority and an integral part of the software development process at WSO2. While we work proactively to secure WSO2 offerings, we have also set multiple verifications and enforcement points to ensure security at each phase of the software development lifecycle.

During this webinar, we will discuss how the WSO2 Platform Security team collaborates with other product teams, customers, and external security researchers to manage the overall security of all WSO2 offerings. The webinar will focus on processes, guidelines, and tools that are used to govern the security of WSO2 offerings. The complete list of discussion topics include:

  • How security is integrated into the software development life cycle
  • WSO2 Secure Engineering Guidelines followed by all the engineers to produce secure software
  • Mandatory security checks performed before releasing a product
  • The security vulnerability reporting process
  • The security patch release strategy
  • The WSO2 Platform Security Team and how they work with other parties
  • Security researcher acknowledgment and reward program
  • How you can become a contributor and gain acknowledgment


Ayoma Wijethunga Technical Lead, WSO2
Ayoma Wijethunga

Ayoma is a Technical Lead at WSO2. He works in the WSO2 Platform Security team, focusing on maintaining and constantly improving security culture within the organization. He is responsible for collaborating with security researchers and engaging with customers to ensure the security of mission-critical deployments while actively working on curating secure engineering processes and guidelines, contributing to security innovations, automation, and evangelism.

Mathuriga Thavarajah Software Engineer, WSO2
Mathuriga Thavarajah

Mathuriga Thavarajah is a Software Engineer at WSO2. She works in the WSO2 Platform Security team. Mathuriga is passionate about research on the application security domain and developing automation tools. She has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


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