1 Oct, 2019

Security for Open Banking and PSD2 through eIDAS Certificates

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Security for Open Banking and PSD2 through eIDAS Certificates

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Electronic Identification, Authentication & Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) is a legislation that covers key technical and operational requirements in the EU’s Digital Trust Services Market. eIDAS is mandatory for ensuring that data is kept secure and within trusted parties at all times.

PSD2 and Open Banking put a great deal of focus on eIDAS. The latest release of WSO2 Open Banking meets the technical and regulatory requirements for using PSD2 eIDAS certificates for electronic seal and website authenti­cation. This webinar explores how WSO2 Open Banking is used to enhance the security of banking APIs through PSD2 eIDAS certificates.

Discussion areas include

  • The role of PSD2 eIDAS certificates in providing an additional layer of security for APIs
  • PSD2 eIDAS certificate implementation for Open Banking UK and NEXTGEN PSD2 Open API Standards
  • Open Banking Implementation Identity [OBIE] directory support for eIDAS integration


Kasun Dharmadasa Senior Software Engineer, WSO2
Kasun Dharmadasa

Kasun is a member of the WSO2 Financial Solutions team. He focuses on security for WSO2 Open Banking. He also spearheaded efforts on PSD2 eIDAS integration for WSO2 Open Banking. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


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