WSO2 Methodology for Agility

A Proven approach to helping every development organization become an integration agile organization

Integration projects today follow a time-consuming waterfall model, ill-suited to solving complex integration challenges. In response WSO2 has developed organizational, project management, and technical expertise to help IT organizations transform integration projects to a more efficient and scalable continuous agile approach.

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The WSO2 Methodology for Agility, the cornerstone of WSO2 value, is for digitally driven organizations wanting to become integration agile. This prescriptive approach focuses on people, process and technology, and includes an initial assessment, a services-delivered methodology, and organization-wide implementation.


WSO2’s core capability is helping shift development and integration process from a layered architecture to advanced cell-based architecture. The end product is continuous agility where teams can develop and integrate in parallel.


Organizational and change-management subject-matter experts from WSO2 help IT shift from ad-hoc or waterfall development to organize into a continuously agile operation.

Digital Alignment:

WSO2 works with IT and helps align its contribution to line-of-business strategy. The result is better IT alignment with the business, and in a more competitive, adaptive business overall.