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We are almost down to the second half of the year and we've been keeping busy. Here are our picks for you this month.

Three API-led Strategies to Woo First-Class Fintechs

As open banking ecosystems mature, standard open banking APIs alone will not give a bank an edge over its competition. To stand out, a bank needs a proactive API strategy, the right technical capabilities, and the right fintech partnerships. In addition to mandated open APIs, a bank can leverage existing technical capabilities to provide API-driven value additions to fintechs and open new avenues of monetization. This article discusses three API-led strategies to achieve this. Link

Essential IAM Capabilities for an API Management Platform

The increased use of APIs has subsequently increased their vulnerability to attacks. This means that API security now goes beyond simple authorization. An IAM solution will fill the security gap in your API management platform and also provide additional benefits that enhance digital transformation efforts. Here are seven capabilities essential for your API management platform. Link

Kubernetes Deployments: 6 Security Best Practices

One of the biggest challenges when moving to containers and Kubernetes is security. However, experts see Kubernetes as an opportunity to improve the overall security of your software deployments while increasing speed and scalability. Here are six do’s and don’ts for securing Kubernetes deployments. Link

How a Hybrid Integration Platform Can Reduce Development Costs and Speed Integration

A number of reasons can block an enterprise from moving to a complete cloud solution—such as the need to adhere to data laws, the necessity to shift existing systems via a phased approach, and non-functional requirements such as security and performance. This blog post discusses why Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIPs) are best suited to overcome these problems, the benefits they bring, and things to consider when evaluating one. Link

OAuth 2.0 for Client-Side Applications

There are so many benefits of Single Page Applications (SPA) and you are probably already building SPA-like client-side applications for improved customer experiences. If you have been dealing with your own conundrums of securing your SPAs, check out this article for insight on how we have solved issues around OAuth 2.0 and OIDC, and some of the best practices we have adopted with respect to authentication and authorization in SPAs and mobile applications. Link

Improving Patient Care with FHIR

Having access to healthcare data at our fingertips plays a large role in our well-being. In order to provide superior patient care, healthcare organizations rely on FHIR. It is a next-generation standard framework that augments the strengths of HL7 to provide structured and secured access to patient data. Our webinar aims to help healthcare IT professionals understand the components, architecture principles, and implementation best practices for a FHIR- led healthcare platform. Link

How to Create APIs That Can Seamlessly Run on Kubernetes

We all love how APIs strengthen the capabilities of microservices. As enterprises dig deeper into microservices-based architectures, architects turn to Kubernetes as the de facto choice. If you are tasked with running your enterprise’s APIs seamlessly on a Kubernetes-based platform, we have a workshop for you. Native support for Kubernetes environments and adopting organizational CI/CD processes are agenda items to look forward to. Link

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