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What is a Cellular Enterprise?

Highly successful modern enterprises share a commonality when it comes to organizational structure—they are cellular in nature. In this Forbes article, Asanka, WSO2’s Chief Technology Evangelist, introduces ‘the cellular enterprise’ and shows how ‘cells’ are visible beyond an organization’s technical architecture. Link

14 KPIs to Help You Track Your Digital ROI

Measuring the results of digital transformation investments can be a challenge. Digital change impacts almost every aspect of an enterprise—from how it goes to market, operations, interactions with customers, and even employees. In this article, members of the Forbes Technology Council share important digital transformation KPIs for tech leaders. Link

10 Things to Look for in a Hybrid Integration Platform

Adopting a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) should be done carefully. A HIP can either make or break your digital infrastructure. To help you through this journey, here’s a guide to the key capabilities, features, and business requirements you should look for when evaluating one. Link

Are People Actually Implementing Microservices in 2020?

Microservices are all the rage but who’s actually implementing them in 2020? In a recent survey conducted by O’Reilly on “Microservices Adoption in 2020”, it was found that more than 77% of respondents have adopted microservices, with 92% experiencing success with microservices. This report also reveals how, why, and in which scenarios people are using microservices along with the benefits and failures faced. Link

The Five Pillars of Customer Identity and Access Management

Building a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution that delivers a seamless digital customer experience is a challenging feat. There are five core underlying pillars that are required to support the key features of a CIAM solution. Find out what they are in order to deliver a highly effective, powerful, and stable CIAM system that delivers on the hyper-connected customer expectations. Link

Why You Should Care About API Security

Security breaches not only result in severe monetary losses but also cause irreparable damages to a company's reputation. This article discusses security measures for APIs and how they help to implement a successful security strategy. Link

Why Banks Should Consider Becoming Third-Party Providers

Fintechs are stepping into the open banking space as third-party providers (TPPs) with ease; they provide great user experiences and solve modern banking problems. Open banking regulations have widened the scope of banking technology infrastructure, making it easier for banks to act as TPPs too. This article explores why it's easier for financial institutions to become TPPs and operate in a TPP application. Link

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