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This month we feature WSO2 API Manager’s latest release
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NEWSLETTER - September 2020

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In 2020, business and government developments have emphasized the pivotal role APIs play in driving enterprise digital operations. To survive and thrive in this digital age, businesses must not only change the way they operate, but they must also change the way they think. APIs are key to this winning strategy.

This month, we are featuring WSO2 API Manager’s latest release and our open healthcare solution.

Introducing: WSO2 API Manager 3.2

WSO2 API Manager 3.2

Our teams strive to constantly improve our products to help our users reap the benefits of digital transformation. WSO2 API Manager 3.2 includes a range of new features, including support for third-party key managers, an approval workflow executor, query complexity analysis (for GraphQL APIs), and an API publisher test console. The product also supports a wide array of protocols and technologies, such as WebSockets, GraphQL, gRPC, and AWS lambda.

In any API-driven business, monitoring and analytics are critical to making data-based decisions. Thus, our latest release consists of improvements to WSO2 API Analytics, which introduces a new monitoring dashboard, a dashboard for business analytics, and additions such as dimension selectors and interactive charts, which will help key decision-makers to drill into data and extract actionable insights.

Microgateways are becoming vital for MSA. The new WSO2 API Microgateway 3.2 comprises a rich set of features that help enterprises overcome API management challenges when adopting MSAs.

To learn more about this release, read our blog on WSO2’s summer 2020 release; the post discusses the challenges of integrating different systems, protocols, and APIs and shows how WSO2’s latest API management and integration solutions help to overcome them.

WSO2’s Healthcare Integration Platform

WSO2’s Healthcare Integration Platform

Regulations can be a blessing in disguise. For the healthcare industry, the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F) aims to enable better access to health information for patients, improve interoperability, and unleash innovation via FHIR APIs. This article explores these steps for achieving compliance and discusses what to look for when selecting a technology vendor. We also published a whitepaper on how WSO2 can support and address CMS-9115-F.


Webinar: API Security Best Practices

Whether you are a novice or an expert, there is much to learn about API security because security is an integral part of any development project, including API ecosystems. Join our first webinar of the ‘API Security and Beyond’ webinar series hosted by the WSO2 Identity Server team as they will deep-dive into the importance of API security, API security patterns, and how identity and access management (IAM) can fit into your ecosystem. . Register now

How to Keep Track of Your Digital Assets in an IBM Integration Ecosystem

A governance solution helps medium- and large-scale organizations keep track of their digital assets. It brings in a unified view of all the assets across all the teams. This whitepaper explores how WSO2 Digital Assets Governance addresses digital asset metadata catalog needs and delivers the governance requirements of an IBM-powered integration ecosystem. Read more

6 DevSecOps Metrics for DevOps and Security Teams to Share

More often than not, DevOps and Security teams have fundamentally different goals, creating a conceptual divide between the teams. By establishing shared goals, your organization’s security and DevOps teams can reinforce each other’s success rather than working at cross-purposes. Here are 6 metrics both teams can share in order to improve outcomes and reduce the tensions that tend to separate the teams. Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity

With the increase in connectivity and usage of cloud services, organizations become more vulnerable to different types of cyber attacks. This blog post examines the types of attacks to watch out for along with different ways you can protect your systems as an individual and an organization. Read more

Layered and Segmented Architecture

If you’re an architect interested in learning about API-centric architectures, this reference architecture paper will guide you through two approaches: layered and segmented. The sequential data flow from one layer to another is a common characteristic in both designs but a segmented architecture can provide more flexibility for agile teams than a layered architecture. The paper deep dives into each architecture pattern, their data flows, and highlights their benefits and drawbacks. Read more

Transform Both Your Business and Your Technology With APIs

As a transformation enabler, APIs represent key business capabilities that you can rapidly reconfigure to serve new customers, reach new markets, and create new value. To help you through this journey, we’ve identified five aspects that will help transform your business and technology. Join our webinar featuring a guest presentation by Forrester as we deep dive into how APIs drive innovation, new digital business models, and technology requirements. Register now

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