WSO2 Newsletter - October, 2020

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WSO2 Newsletter - October 2020

NEWSLETTER - October 2020

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As more businesses create increasingly sophisticated customer-facing systems, they will need the right Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) mechanisms to be in place. In addition to creating applications that customers love, making those applications cloud native further improves customer experiences and also provide other sizable benefits such as scalability, reduced cost, and a faster release pace, among many others.

This month, along with our handpicked articles, we’re excited to tell you more about our CIAM solution’s recent accomplishments. We also present our recommendations to embrace a cloud-native architecture.

WSO2 Identity Server recognized as a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2020 report

WSO2 Identity Server Recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2020 Report

WSO2 was one of “13 providers that matter most” in the new report evaluating CIAM providers on 32 criteria. In the Current Offering category of the report, WSO2 received scores of 5.0, the highest rating possible, in eight criteria including privacy, consent management, and profiling; customer authentication; customer self-service; business systems integration; and reporting and dashboarding. The report observed that, “[The solution] has always focused on API- and standards-based IAM and comes with a comprehensive reference architecture.” Read the report

To learn more, read this blog by Prabath Siriwardena, Deputy CTO and VP of Security Architecture at WSO2. He will also be presenting a joint webinar with KuppingerCole on the 5 pillars of CIAM essential for your CIAM strategy and maturity models to determine the stage of growth. Register now

A Reference Architecture for a Cloud-Native Digital Enterprise

API-led integration architectures have been spearheading the digital transformation architecture landscape, but it’s also vital that these architectures provide agility, flexibility, and scalability to the digital enterprise. A cloud-native digital enterprise is designed 'for the cloud' and is designed to capitalize on the advantages of cloud technologies, including different cloud-native platforms (Kubernetes and service mesh), cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google GCP), and infrastructure services. If you are grappling with questions about implementing a cloud-native architecture and best practices, look no further. This detailed paper focuses on combining cloud-native technologies along with an API-led integration platform and depicts a reference architecture for a cloud-native digital enterprise, to increase agility, flexibility, and scalability through automation and services. Read the paper


How to Increase API ROI with WSO2 API Manager

Often, API initiatives are IT driven rather than business driven. This makes it harder to bring out the business value of API investments and causes problems for funding and budgeting since business leaders don't see a good return on investment (ROI). This article explores ways to define KPIs for APIs while aligning with your business goals. It also shows how WSO2 API Manager can help increase ROI based on these KPIs. Read more

16 Software Development Trends that Will Soon Dominate the Tech Industry

Software development trends change as fast as technology itself ,and it's important to stay on top of the latest trends. This Forbes Technology Council article lists 16 software development trends that tech leaders predict will dominate the technology sector in the months ahead. Read more

Manage the Risk of APIs

Increased API usage connects people deeply into your infrastructure. So, how are your new users onboarded and their subscriptions managed? And what sort of security and control is in place? Paul Fremantle, former CTO at WSO2, explains his views on several important aspects on API security and provides recommendations on how to manage API attacks successfully. Read more

Guard Your APIs with WSO2 Identity Server

Our upcoming webinar, which is a part of the API Security webinar series, will take you through how API management solutions can leverage WSO2 Identity Server’s identity and access management (IAM) capabilities to enhance the security of managed APIs. There will also be a live demo of integrating WSO2 Identity Server with WSO2 API Manager. Register now

Secure Your GraphQL Server

GraphQL APIs give a lot of freedom and flexibility to your clients. This could compromise your server performance as clients have the capability of requesting too much from your service. Therefore, it's important to put some rules in place and monitor your server’s performance in order to protect against large or malicious queries. This article explores ways to improve the security of your GraphQL service. Read more

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