WSO2 Newsletter - December, 2020

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NEWSLETTER - December 2020

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2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? However, even amid all the chaos—and overused terms like "unprecedented" and “the new normal”—we have all continued to thrive. Between major product launches, virtual events, analyst recognitions, and new programs taking root, this was another stellar year for WSO2. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Our success would not be possible without your continued support, collaboration, and enthusiasm.

To close off the year, along with our handpicked articles, we feature resources around our latest ebook on API automation and scaling, along with exciting milestones for WSO2 Identity Server.

API Automation and Scaling

API Automation and Scaling

In this digitally driven era, we rely on APIs so much without even knowing. Whether to make an online purchase or even check the weather, all of these tasks rely on APIs to pull data. This has created an exponential increase in demand for APIs.

A well-visioned API management solution helps by providing an advanced and effective marketplace to expose APIs. It also helps you to continuously grow your API consumer base and enhance consumer experiences to form loyal bonds. However, an enterprise should employ this strategy after careful consideration as the API ecosystem relies on it. There should be a well-defined mechanism to implement this. We’ve recently published an e-book to help steer you through these challenges. It explores why API automation is needed, the relationship between the API lifecycle and CI/CD process, how to adapt to increasing demand and more on what to look for when choosing the right API management solution. Read more

Milestones for WSO2 Identity Server

Milestones for WSO2 Identity Server

The WSO2 Identity Server (IS) team has two major accomplishments this month! Firstly, WSO2 IS turned 13 last week. Starting as a product with just 3 people, today we’re celebrating 13 years in customer identity and access management and serving 700+ customers with 1000s of open-source users globally. We’re very excited for 2021 and have grand plans for something new. Read this blog to learn more about our 2021 predictions and highlights of WSO2 IS.

Secondly, WSO2 recently released its latest version WSO2 Identity Server 5.11. Our mission is to continuously make the life of the developer easier. With this latest release, we’ve introduced a beta version of a new console (dev portal), SDKs, integration with HashiCorp, and more. Read more


How a Hybrid Integration Platform Can Drive Innovation

A hybrid integration platform (HIP) gives you the best both worlds. It helps integration architects and developers from the complexity of integrating on premises systems with cloud offerings. It can accelerate technology changes, drive cloud adoption, and modernize integrations. This article will explore the benefits of HIPs along with a few pointers on what to look for when choosing one. Read more

Why CMOs Should Care About Customer IAM

Today, customer identity and access management (CIAM) is becoming a ‘must have’ for any customer-focused business. From a customer’s perspective, the right CIAM solution provides significantly better onboarding, personalization, omnichannel experiences, and privacy controls. This blog will explore CIAM capabilities within the context of a customer’s journey across the awareness, consideration, purchase, and service stages. Read more

A Seven-Step Guide to API-First Integration

Digital services are becoming an important part of businesses in the post COVID19 world. And APIs play a vital role in building great digital experiences for the consumer. Therefore, it’s important to embrace APIs when formulating an integration strategy. This will lead to reduced project costs and timelines, increase collaborative work between teams, and improve overall quality. This article discusses how to run an integration project in an API-driven manner with a seven-step execution plan. Read more

Should You Allow Shadow IT and BYOD in Your Company?

With the rise in remote working, organizations face the challenge of enabling shadow IT and BYOD. Some industry experts believe BYOD opens the gates to various cyber attacks. Conversely, others view BYOD as the way forward if organizations realise its benefits. This article weighs in on the benefits and threats and offers on how to best optimize BYOD and shadow IT. Read more

7 Questions to Ask When Investing in Customer IAM

If you want to be customer-centric business and have decided to adopt a CIAM solution for improved user experience, we’ve listed some questions that you could use to get started with. These questions would help you and the decision-making team to get started in the evaluation process. A good CIAM solution should help your dev teams be more efficient, business to innovate, and keep your users secure. Read more

WSO2 API Cloud Documentation Gets a Brand New Look and Feel

The latest documentation site, along with its new visual style and improved information architecture, will help all our users to easily find the information they are looking for. We hope this will provide a better overall documentation experience for all stakeholders. This blog explores a roundup of the improvements. Read more

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