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This month we give you the best of both worlds! Modern business and architecture needs—such as increased competition for customer loyalty, a desire for new revenue streams, demand for supply chain resiliency, the need to integrate legacy systems, and support for new event-driven architectures—means enterprises need a strong connection between API management and integration. To support these demands, WSO2 has added significant new capabilities to WSO2 API Manager 4.0. Read on for more information and our monthly news round-up.

WSO2 In the News

WSO2 API Manager 4.0 Unites API Management with API-Centric Integration

New open-source WSO2 API Manager release enables EDA deployments with industry-first full AsyncAPI spec support, streaming APIs and integrations, and webhook APIs; includes all WSO2 Enterprise Integrator functionality, and adds Service Catalog and API Revisioning.

WSO2 API Manager delivers a seamless, end-to-end API management experience while addressing all the requirements of API creators, product managers, and consumers. In Version 4.0, WSO2 API Manager also inherits all the capabilities of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, the open-source hybrid integration platform that provides a graphical drag-and-drop flow designer and a configuration-driven approach to building low-code integration solutions for cloud- and container-native projects. It is supported by more than 150 connectors in WSO2’s Connector Store and makes it easy to add integrations to APIs.

What’s New!

The Role of EiPaaS in Enterprise Architecture

Integration is becoming an increasingly vital part of enterprise architecture. In this two-part article series, we will look at how an enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS) can help organizations build future-proof enterprise architecture. In part one, we discuss the business, information, application, and technology domains as well as the four evolutionary stages of a sample enterprise architecture.

In the next post, we will look at an enterprise integration platform as a service (EiPaaS) reference architecture and highlight its key components. We will also look at a hybrid enterprise iPaaS architecture, show why service mesh should be considered for future-proofing an implementation, and highlight the benefits of an enterprise architecture that utilizes EiPaaS.

How to Make the API Economy a Reality

The growth in cloud computing and the need for enhanced integration have pushed organizations to accelerate their plans for moving operations to the digital world. APIs and a number of related new technologies — such as API management and integration solutions, cloud native products, integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offerings, and low-code platforms — have become critical in order to participate in the API economy. In this post, we look at the importance of APIs, how intelligent enterprises are generating revenue via APIs, and technologies to consider in order to be a part of the API economy. Read More

React in Real-Time with Event-Driven APIs

Today, users increasingly demand ever more interactive experiences and they expect to be told when something has changed without hitting the refresh button. So, how are you building apps that require (near) real-time updates based on remote events? This post looks at when you should use event-driven APIs, what to look for when choosing an asynchronous API technology, and things to consider when managing event-driven APIs.

For more detailed information about creating event-enabled API architectures with asynchronous API technologies and API management platforms read this whitepaper.

Using Low-Code Tools in Enterprise Application Development

Low-code tools try to eliminate the need for code with visual drag-and-drop interfaces. Because they come with predefined and pretested templates, creating applications with requirements that fit into the scope of these templates is rather straightforward. You have a working application, or at least a prototype, in a matter of minutes. However, for more sophisticated enterprise use cases, this can become prohibitively complex. Although they focus on simplicity, do low-code tools fall short in seamlessly building enterprise applications that are complex in nature and are constantly evolving? Read More


WSO2 Announces Free Linux Systems Administration and DevOps Engineering Training Program

We have designed a six-month training program in Linux Systems Administration and DevOps Engineering. Aimed at closing the skills gap, the company commits to a program that builds foundational digital skills by providing access to high-quality computer science training resources. Through this project, WSO2 aims to expand access to educational materials, broaden the scope for career growth, and develop the skills necessary to solve upcoming IT challenges. The initiative, which is part of WSO2's corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and is headed by the company's Digital Operations team, will be offered free of charge to over 100 participants. Read More

WSO2 Learning Management System: From Zero to 10K Learners and Beyond!

We’re happy to announce that we crossed 10,000 users on our learning management system (LMS). We are especially looking forward to widening our audience by reaching out to people in their own language, collaborating with people outside our organization for amazing content, and hitting the next 10,000 within half the time! Read More


Download our Latest E-book - End-to-End API Security

Download our latest ebook - End-to-End API Security

APIs have become the building block of any successful digital business, and they are an invaluable asset for any organization’s employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to gain access to applications, data, and business functions across the enterprise. However, they have become targets for sophisticated security attacks. Knowing how to protect APIs and choosing the right security method has become the top priority for many businesses as the success of the whole enterprise depends on the security of its services offered through APIs. Download e-book


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