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Chakray are experts on the implementation of WSO2 on critical systems all over the world. Our expertise in different fields makes our team the perfect match for your needs. With a wide range of services, we support your project with the support you want.

Chakray work under one single objective: to find the best IT infrastructure for your business.

Why Chakray

Chakray is a global business with experts all over the world ready to give you the best advice and service. We are present in Europe and the US. We are also the only dedicated WSO2 Specialist partner based in LATAM.


The support

Our made to measure services adjust exactly to your team’s needs, from training to a complete accompaniment in the implementation of the most advanced technologies of WSO2.

High WSO2 specialisation and expertise

At Chakray, we are highly specialized in WSO2 and it’s the core of our business. We have experience with complex architectures and implementing WSO2 in industries such as banking, government, automotive, energy and media.

Chakray’s WSO2 Academy

Learn WSO2 by our side with ebooks, webinars and professional training. We are the only WSO2 partner with resources in Spanish.


The new wso2 language for system integration

4 things you should know about Ballerina


Learn how to implement a microservices architecture

Microservices architectures are becoming a standard when developing applications and systems. By breaking down complex applications into smaller independent components, microservices are able to improve systems and facilitate maintenance and new integrations.


Master message transformation with WSO2

Many times, business’ systems are developed with different technologies that send messages with distinct formats and protocols. As a result, a right capacity of message transformation is vital for any ESB.



Chakray is a global consultancy. Contact your local office.


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