Open Source Enterprise Stack from WSO2 and SUSE

WSO2 and SUSE have teamed up to provide jointly certified and supported open source infrastructure, middleware and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions for developing and deploying next-generation applications on premise or in cloud environments.

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Why SUSE®?

More than 20 years of engineering excellence have propelled SUSE into a position as a leading provider of enterprise Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions. The original enterprise Linux distribution, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides a highly reliable, scalable, and secure server operating system that is ideal for powering physical, virtual and cloud-based mission critical workloads. While SUSE Cloud enables enterprise IT to become their companys’ cloud service provider of choice by delivering easy to deploy and manage OpenStack-based IaaS private clouds. With world-class support helping customers manage complexity, reduce cost, and deliver mission-critical services reliably, SUSE has proven to be the solid choice for over 19,000 enterprises worldwide.

Why WSO2?

WSO2 provides the most advanced comprehensive middleware stack available, spanning application and service hosting, integration, governance and monitoring, business process execution, big data collection and analysis, api management, security, development tools, and more. Based on a fully componentized framework, WSO2 products provide an unprecedented flexibility to adapt to your projects, work seamlessly together, and are designed for seamless migration between on-premise and cloud deployments. Committed to open source and world-class commercial support offerings WSO2 powers leading enterprises such as eBay and Concur. Find out more about WSO2 Carbon middleware products and the WSO2 Stratos PaaS.

Why SUSE and WSO2 together?

Customers deploying WSO2 Carbon and WSO2 Stratos on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Cloud can take advantage of the SUSE-WSO2 partnership to eliminate hassles and headaches throughout the lifecycle. All WSO2 Carbon products are certified and supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and above, and we continue to test and support our products on new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server versions. SUSE and WSO2 have a coordinated support mechanism to ensure that there is no crack into which issues could fall. Together WSO2 and SUSE are committed to providing a first-class experience to our joint customers.

Why SUSE and WSO2 together?

  • Solve “new enterprise” challenges including cloud, big data, mobile, ecosystems, and dev-ops – and realize the potential of these to contribute to the bottom line.
  • Get more done - build, deploy, and manage applications more quickly and reliably with lean, modern frameworks and the efficiencies inherent in the cloud.
  • Reduce license, development, and management costs through adopting an advanced, cohesive open source stack and/or private cloud infrastructure.
  • Re-conceive IT as a service (not a cost) in your enterprise by introducing fine-grained cost allocation of cloud-based resources.
  • Obtain freedom from the high costs, license lock-in, and single-point of failure for innovation inherent in proprietary solutions at all levels of the stack.

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