Intuitive option for authenticating internal and external users with typing biometrics to create superior, frictionless digital experiences for end-users

TypingDNA’s typing biometrics authentication is now available on WSO2 Identity Server and WSO2 Private CIAM Cloud

About the WSO2 and TypingDNA Integration:

TypingDNA’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology recognizes trusted users by the way they type on their keyboards, enabling a seamless user experience when authenticating.

WSO2 customers can now enjoy an additional layer of comprehensive and robust protection against complex cyber threats, all while providing a great user experience based on the innate actions of the user.

Adaptive authentication with typing biometrics:

Adaptive authentication with typing biometrics means the user simply types their username and password and is securely authenticated into their account. If their typing behavior is a match, then authentication is successful. This way, companies can avoid unnecessary escalation of authentication to active types of 2FA such as SMS codes, push notifications, or authenticator apps.

Instead, 2FA with typing biometrics is passive and doesn’t require the user to do anything else but enter their credentials to prove who they are.

The second factor of authentication, such as SMS OTP, would only be needed if the user typing biometrics authentication failed during login.