Products Overview

Our products support the agility and innovation you need for a successful digital business. Designed to serve as the core of your digital transformation journey, all our products are open source, easy to assemble with other components, and work seamlessly with each other as a single cohesive platform.

WSO2 Products Enabling Digital Innovation


Build your digital foundation with an API marketplace for internal and external developer ecosystems


Platform enable your digital business with “micro-services” and “micro-integrations”


Manage identity, security, and privacy across your digital business


Create real-time, intelligent, actionable business insights and data products

WSO2 Cloud - Harness the power of the cloud

Quickly go to market, easily extend functionality, and ensure high availability and performance with our public cloud offers.


Host your APIs in the cloud, get your branded Developer Portal, enforce policies, get analytics.


Host your integration projects, proxy services, and API backend implementations.


Give your employees single sign-on (SSO) from local directory to custom and 3rd-party SaaS applications.

The WSO2 Advantage

Fostering Agility with Open Source

WSO2’s open source software gives you the agility and flexibility to recompose code or make changes and additions to meet your specific requirements as they evolve. It enables enterprises to build on your work, fostering team agility and the superior integration of applications. We believe open source to be the future of the industry. Read about our open source values.

Adapting a Future-Ready, Innovation Platform

Our innovation platform allows you to execute on your vision and adapt rapidly to new opportunities as and when they arise. WSO2 products are pre-integrated, so enterprises can focus on their valued-added services and go to market faster. The products’ reliance on the same user interface and system functionality enable easy addition of capabilities with a minimal learning curve.

Supporting Deployment Flexibility

Each WSO2 product supports microservices architecture models as well as deployment flexibility. This means all of our solutions give enterprises the flexibility to deploy applications and services on-premises, on private or public clouds, or in hybrid environments—and easily migrate between them—as needed.

Complementing Your Innovation Practice

Today, business units are assembling their own teams to effect transformation with smaller teams, strategic outsourcing, leveraging cloud-based services and resources, and community engagements. WSO2 offers a variety of services to improve the performance and/or augment deficiencies of the customer’s innovation practice that may be associated with this shift.