The WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer (WSO2 ELB) offers a lean approach to balance loads across your WSO2 service instances. It provides fail-over, auto-scaling and multi-tenancy letting services scale automatically with dynamically changing load characteristics.

Service awareness in the WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer provides a cost effective solution when used not only in the cloud but also on-premise. In addition a single load balancer can balance incoming requests to clusters of different services such as Application Servers, Business Process Servers and more.

Tenant awareness allows the WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer to provide a scalable approach for balancing load across a set of tenants sharing a collection of worker nodes. Tenants can be partitioned in various manners as well.


Elastically Scale Worker Nodes

  • The WSO2 ELB monitors load on worker nodes and starts or terminates nodes based on need
  • Scaling comes by talking to underlying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Scaling can be across multiple underlying IaaS simultaneously

IaaS Independent Elasticity

Cloud Bursting to Hybrid Clouds

  • Service clusters can have a static worker pool and an additional burst pool
  • Bursting can span across public and private clouds using different IaaS providers at the same time
  • Allows you to extend your data center’s processing capabilities by leveraging the computing power available on public clouds such as Amazon EC2

Tenant Aware Load Balancing

  • Dynamic tenant unloading and loading
  • Tenants can be partitioned to different service clusters

“Private Jet” Mode for Tenants

  • Multi-tenant deployments can allow some tenants’ load to deploy in a single tenant mode
  • Clusters are isolated for special privileges such as priority processing, user based customized actions and improved performance
  • Allocate entire service clusters by tenant

Service Aware Load Balancing

  • The WSO2 ELB can load balance multiple services at once
  • Services can be configured to different service clusters or shared service clusters

Dynamic Discovery

  • WSO2 ELB dynamically discovers worker nodes
  • Add or remove new nodes without restarting system
  • Add or remove entire new clusters dynamically

Administrator Friendly

  • Simple textual configuration language
  • Fast startup times and dynamically reconfigurable
  • Easy to manage and monitor with systems such as Nagios and Unix