WSO2 Process Center

Combining process design, implementation, analysis, and optimization, WSO2 Process Center (WSO2 PC) provides a complete, end-to-end solution for business process management (BPM). WSO2 PC forms the central component of WSO2’s BPM platform by providing centralized storage, governance, process monitoring/analytics, and process improvement support.

Meeting the requirements of all users in the BPM platform, it enables process users to discover relevant processes and initiate automated processes; domain experts to design processes using different formats; and process owners to monitor existing processes, analyze process history, and identify possibilities of optimization.

WSO2 PC offers a Process Explorer app as well as a Process Designer app to add/create new processes. It also leverages WSO2 Data Analytics Server to support monitoring/analysis and optimization features and supports events published via WSO2 Business Process Server or any integrated business process engine.

Process Center will not be released as a separate product.

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