Storage Server

Important Notice

The WSO2 Storage Server was created as a mechanism to dynamically provision storage for our other products, and these capabilities are now embedded within WSO2 Cloud. We no longer believe it is well suited for others to use directly and as such it will no longer be available for download.

If you are currently using WSO2 Storage Server as a standalone product please contact us

We will of course support it as needed or help you migrate to the right higher level product.

WSO2 Storage Server conveniently delivers multi-tenant structured and unstructured data storage to development projects. Development teams can rapidly provision and access secure and scalable relational, NoSQL Columnar, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) repositories using a consistent management process. The WSO2 Storage Server management console allows teams to create databases, add users, and provision access based on the web application’s database policies.

Our cloud-aware WSO2 Storage Server supports elastic scalability, on-demand self-service provisioning, and consumption-based pricing models. The server publishes usage data to WSO2 Business Activity Monitor and enables advanced analytics, monitoring, and billing.


Storage technology agnostic provisioning

  • Wide range of storage systems supported:
    • NoSQL stores: Cassandra
    • Unstructured stores (file systems): HDFS
    • Relational stores: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle (coming soon)
  • Operations Supported:
    • Manage databases
    • Manage users/permissions
  • Choose from default set of layouts or create your own personalized layout
  • Role-based permission model
  • Policy-driven provisioning (coming soon)
    • Based on QoS / SLA params

Complete Storage as a Service

  • Monitor storage capacity and bandwidth (coming soon)
  • Predefined usage policies for billing (coming soon)
  • Horizontal scaling with elasticity (using S2 DB cartridges)(coming soon)
  • Database migration to larger clusters
  • Setting up of multiple database clusters in multiple environments for vertical scaling

Complete application lifecycle support

  • Database initialization
  • Data migration
  • Data snapshot, backup, and recovery