WSO2 Task Server offers a central server for registering and scheduling tasks. This task provider can be used to execute any web task independently, or for interfacing tasks that have been already defined in other carbon applications.

It offers the convenience of a dedicated task handling service that executes all tasks according to a pre-defined criteria and a specific, periodic sequence. With web tasks, you can easily configure the task criteria as well as the periodic occurrence using the management console of the task server.

WSO2 Task Server


Trigger Web Tasks Remotely

  • Any web task from an application can be executed remotely by using WSO2 Task Server as the task provider
  • Control concurrent execution
  • Supports cron expression-based scheduling

Interfacing Tasks in Carbon Servers

  • Carbon servers can be configured to use WSO2 Task Server as the dedicated task provider

Tenant-Aware Task Scheduling

  • Run a single instance and provide tenant-based task scheduling and tenant-partitioning

High Performance, High Availability, Scalability & Stability

  • Supports highly available deployment
  • Horizontal scaling via clustering with stateless server architecture
  • Long-term execution stability with low resource utilization