WSO2 Web Services Framework for C

WSO2 Web Services Framework for C takes you one step closer to SOA enabling your enterprise with the most comprehensive Web services enabler for a variety of C and C++ based software systems.

WSO2 Web Services Framework for C relieves you of the burden to integrate multiple software elements to build a comprehensive Web services stack.

A packaging of widely used Apache Axis2 brand of products with lots of value additions on top of it, WSO2 WSF/C provides you with the luxury of using a well tested software framework, both for functionality as well as for interoperability.

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  • WSO2 Web Services Framework includes:

    • Support for key WS-* specifications
    • Provides base communication functionality in SOAP, XML, JSON and other message formats carried over various transports including HTTP, SMTP, XMPP and TCP
    • Interoperability with .Net and JEE implementations
    • Support for high availability deployments
  • WSO2 Web Services Framework for C includes:

    • Includes WSDL2C

      WSDL2C ( code generation tool ), tcpmon (soap message viewer) , and wsclient ( command line web service client )

    • Comprehensive Support

      Only C Web Services Stack with comprehensive support for WS Security, WS-Security policy, WS-Secure Conversation and WS-Reliable Messaging.

    • Runtime management

      Using WSO2 Carbon based Web Interface