WSO2 BPS - Quick-Start Guide -

Quick-Start Guide - Deploying a Process

Once it's done with modeling the BPEL process, it can be deployed via Carbon Studio. Here the Carbon Application Project WS_NumberAdderCarbon which was created at "Modeling business processes".

  1. Right-click on the Servers window. (If Server window not appearing in the Eclipse IDE, go to Window -> Show View -> Servers). Then select New -> Server.

  2. It will show "New Server" Window. From the List expand the WSO2 folder and Select "WSO2 Carbon 3.2 based server" and (Figure 1). If you need, you can specify the Server name here. Here let's rename it as WSO2 BPS.

    Note: The reason for using Carbon 3.2 based server is BPS 2.1.0 is based on Carbon 3.2.0.

    Add New Server Wizard
    Figure 1

  3. Then have to set the CARBON_HOME. Click browse button and select the WSO2 Business process Server home folder. If you didn't have the WSO2 BPS you can download it from After selecting the CARBON_HOME Click Finish.

    Note: If you want to configure more setting of the Server like Service port, web Console port etc. click Next and configure them.

    After completing this step 3 the WSO2 BPS is added to Servers List. (See Figure 2)

    Server Console View
    Figure 2

  4. Let's deploy our carbon application in WSO2 BPS. Click on WS_NumberAdderCarbon project in Project Explore and Drag and drop it on Server. As you see in Figure 3 our Carbon project is added to the WSO2 BPS server.

    Server console when the Carbon project added
    Figure 3

  5. To run the server right-click on the server and select Start. In Console window, you can see the server Process's log.

  6. It will automatically open the WSO2 BPS login page in your default web browser. Login into the server using admin as username and again admin as password.

    BPS Login page
    Figure 4

  7. After the login to the WSO2 BPS, you will redirect to the WSO2 BPS home page. Click on the "processes" under the "Business processes". It will show the currently deployed processes.

    Process List Page
    Figure 5

Here you can see the AdderProcess is deployed in WSO2 BPS. The Process ID generated as {"Process NameSpace"} ProcessName-VersionNo