WSO2 BPS - Quick-Start Guide -

Quick-Start Guide - Testing a Process

After the login to the WSO2 BPS, you will redirect to the WSO2 BPS home page. Click on the "processes" under the "Business processes". It will show the currently deployed processes.

Process List Page
Figure 1

Here you can see the AdderProcess is deployed in WSO2 BPS. The Process ID generated as {"Process NameSpace"} ProcessName-VersionNo

Click on the process. It will show the details of the Process. (Figure 2)
To try the process click on the "Create Instance". It will open an another Web browser window. (Figure 3) Add the required input parameters. Then click operation name button, then it will show the answer in the window.

Process Information Page
Figure 2

Try-it Page
Figure 3

Note:SOAP UI tool is also an alternative to test a business process. Using SOAP UI application we can see the request/response soap messages. It will more helpful the error handling purposes.