WSO2 BPS - Sample Guide - Flow and Links

Sample Guide - Flow and Links

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The activities defined inside <flow/> can be performed concurrently. But when there are can be dependencies in-between those activities. <links/>, <sources/> and <targets/> are used to define synchronization dependencies in-between those activities.

Let's understand what's meant by <links/>, <sources/> and <targets/>.

In the <flow/>, we define <links/> as follows. These link names can be sources or targets of the activities inside <flow/>

eg -


So using <sources/> and <targets/>, user can specify, IfDependOnSeq1 activity should be executed after Seq1.

i.e Source activity should be executed before Target activity

Note :As well there are other optional constructs to mimic conditional behavior for the <source/> and <target/>. They are


Overall Idea

How flow links can be correlated

Refer -

Here the sample tries to implement sequence of activities inside a <flow/>, where there can be 3 execution paths based on the conditions defined in 2 and 5.
Some of the possible execution paths are