WSO2 Carbon Studio is a one stop solution for all most all the development tools you will ever need for our carbon products. Easier, faster and more efficient development cycle for you is now possible. The prime aim of Carbon Studio is to help you with the every phase of development on your SOA. i.e.

  • Develop
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Monitor
You can find information regarding following topics in our documentation.
  1. Overview to WSO2 Carbon Studio
    • This gives you a quick glance to WSO2 Carbon Studio.
  2. WSO2 Carbon Studio Features
    • This gives you a quick insight to what WSO2 Carbon Studio can do in WSO2 product wise.
  3. Installation Guide
    • This includes how to install WSO2 Carbon Studio in Eclipse.
  4. Getting Started with Carbon Studio
    • This explains how to create a C-App project after successfully installing Carbon Studio.
  5. Application Server Tools
  6. Enterprise Service Bus Tools
  7. Governance Registry Tools
  8. Data Services Server Tools
  9. Business Process Server Tools
    • This explains how to create a BPEL data flows using Carbon Studio.
  10. Gadget Server Tools
    • This explains how to create a gadget artifact using Carbon Studio.
  11. Carbon Tools
  12. Advance Server Extensions
  13. Apache Maven Support
    • This explains how to create a Carbon Archive (CAR) using Apache Maven commands.
  14. Testing and Deploying