WSO2 Carbon Studio Release Notes

WSO2 Carbon Studio 1.0.9 Release Notes

20th May 2011

We introduce WSO2 Carbon Studio, is a fully functioned tooling environment which facilitate you to develop, test, deploy and test WSO2 Carbon Artifacts. The tool is created as a plug-in for the popular IDE Eclipse.

These tools are available under the Apache Software License (v2.0) . This includes all of the extra integration and management functionality as well.

New Features

  • General
    • Usability Improvements
  • Apache Maven Support
    • Registry Resource

Fixed Issues

  • [TOOLS-556] - Changes do not pick for the service classes created in contract-first approach when creating an aar file
  • [TOOLS-638] - Invalid xmlns in Stock Quote Proxy Sample in Carbon Studio
  • [TOOLS-642] - Carbon Studio -> Samples -> DataService Number Validator sample not working
  • [TOOLS-644] - Remove garbage Chars from SQL statement in 'Employee Data Service'
  • [TOOLS-645] - Remove author tag from Carbon Studio -> Samples -> Axis2 Account Service
  • [TOOLS-646] - Some samples do not create CApp type projects

Key Features

  • Application Server Tools
    • Create and Edit Apache Axis2 Web Service
    • Create WSDL for Apache Axis2 Web Service archive (aar file)
    • Generate Web Service client
    • Web Applications
    • JAX-WS services
    • Create Axis2 RPC Message Receivers classes
  • Enterprise Service Bus Tools
    • Sequences
    • Endpoints
    • Proxy Services
    • Local Entries
    • Create custom mediators
    • Registry Referencing
    • Create sequences and endpoints as registry resources
    • JBoss Smooks tools integration
  • Governance Registry Tools
    • Create and deploy registry resources
    • Create, edit, debug and deploy registry handlers, filters and registry aspects
    • Manage your remote registry instance
    • Creating registry resources through templates
    • Enable/disable actions and update icons based on permissions for registry resources for the specified user
    • Upload WSDL resources to the registry as governance archives (GAR support)
  • Business Process Server Tools
    • View, create and edit BPEL projects
  • Gadget Server Tools
    • Create and edit gadgets
  • Data Services Server Tools
    • Create and edit data services (XML configurations)
    • Create and edit data services validators
  • Carbon Tools
    • Create, edit, debug and deploy Carbon UI bundles
    • Deploy third party libraries as bundles
    • Allow creating the library artifact as a fragment bundle
    • Adding WSO2 related libraries when developing applications
  • Carbon Studio contribution features
    • Extensions to add custom proxy service templates
    • Extensions to add registry resource templates
    • Extensions to allow adding mediatype resolvers
    • Extensions to specify new 3rd party libraries
    • Extensions to specify resource providers for
      • Registry Resources
      • ESB Sequences
      • ESB Endpoints
      • ESB Local Entries
  • Apache Maven Support
    • Carbon Archive
    • Sequence
    • Proxy Servies
    • Endpoints
    • Local Entries
    • Registry Resources
  • Testing, Deploying and Redeploying
You can find a more detailed version of all the features available in Carbon Studio from WSO2 Carbon Studio Features page.

Project Resources

  1. Home page : WSO2 Carbon Studio
  2. JIRA-Issue Tracker : WSO2 Carbon Studio - JIRA Issues

Reporting Problems

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA available at

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We are committed to ensuring that your enterprise middleware deployment is completely supported from evaluation to production. Our unique approach ensures that all support leverages our open development methodology and is provided by the very same engineers who build the technology.

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Thank you for your interest in WSO2 Carbon Studio.

-The WSO2 Tooling Team