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Gadget Archive Deployment

A gadget archive (.dar file) can be created by using Carbon Studio and it resides in a cApp(.car file).The tree structure of a gadget archive is as follows.

|-- css files folder
|-- images folder  
|-- gadget-conf.xml
`-- gadget.xml

gadget-conf.xml file contains the name of the gadget,its author,description and the path to which the .dar file should deploy in gadget server.The structure of a sample gadget-conf.xml is as follows;

       	<description>This is for testing.</description>

Deploy a Gadget Archive

A user can deploy a gadget archive into the gadget server by uploading the whole cApp file which contains .dar file by management console.

add gadget archive

After successfully uploaded the gadget archive,it will be deployed to the gadget server and stored in the path mentioned in gadget-conf.xml.

registry view

Finally the gadget could access through the gadget repository.