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Adding Gadgets to the Portal

Gadget addition has two flavours, adding gadgets to an anonymous user's portal and adding gadgets to signed-in user's portal.

Gadgets by an anonymous user

For an anonymous user, gadget addition has a few limitations. The user will not be able to browse the gadget repository and he/she will not be able to add gadgets from urls. The gadgets that can be added by the anonymous user are defined by the portal administrator.


Adding gadgets to a signed-in user's portal

The signed in user has two options when adding gadgets to the portal page.

  1. Add gadgets using a URL.

  2. Add gadgets via the Enterprise Gadget Repository.

Adding gadgets using a URL

Any gadget written according to the Google Gadgets Specification and publicly accessible via an HTTP url can be added to the WSO2 Gadget Server portal by entering its URL.


Add gadgets via the Enterprise Gadget Repository.

Users can add gadgets from the repository, which are added by the administrator. Each gadget can be rated and commented on by the users.