Productivity Tools Available For Mashup Developers

The Javascript Stub Generator

The Javascript Stub Generator can be accessed by pointing your browser to https://localhost:9443/carbon/js_stub_generator/index.jsp in a local server installation. Using this tool you can either provide a URL of a WSDL (1.1 or 2.0) document or upload a WSDL (1.1 or 2.0) document from your local file system to generate a Javascript stub to the Web Service in concern. This stub can then be imported and used in the mashups to access this Web Service with your Javascript as described in the JavaScript Stubs section.

The Scraping Assistant

The Scraping Assistant is available to you at the URL https://localhost:9443/carbon/js_scraper/index.jsp. This tool will help you to generate a Web Harvest scraper configuration, which in turn can be used in your mashups to scrape data from web resources. The tool will also assist developers to gather XPath expressions from selected pages.