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User Management

This document introduces the user management features of the WSO2 Mashup Server:

Administrator Actions

All the use management operations are only available for the Mashup Server administrator. The administrator can login with the default admin Username/password and navigate to user management area for user management operations.

Managing Users

All user management functions require admin privileges and are provided from the 'User Management' page.

Add User

New users can be added to the mashup server via Home > Configure > User Management > Users > Add New User and following the guided process.

Add User

Add New User Role

Mashup admin can create new user roles with permissions and assign users to them. By default an Admin role is created with all permissions for Mashup Server administration.

A newly created role can have privileges such as,

  • Login to admin console
  • Manage system configuration
  • Manage security
  • Upload services
  • Manage services
  • Manage lifecycle configuration
  • Manage mediation
  • Monitor system
  • Delegate Identity
Add Role

Add Role