Welcome to WSO2 Governance Registry v3.0.2!

Welcome to WSO2 Governance Registry v3.0.2!

16 Nov 2009 - WSO2 Governance Registry, v3.0.2 Released!

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The WSO2 Governance Registry is a hub for managing data in a web-friendly and community-enabled way. It was built with enterprise metadata for SOA in mind, but really it's up to you - the WSO2 Governance Registry can hold any kind of "stuff" including images, service descriptions, text files, office documents... and every resource you put in the WSO2 Governance Registry becomes a center for social activity.

Eschewing the complexity (and WS-* focus) of specs like UDDI, our WSO2 Governance Registry uses the Atom Publishing Protocol (via Apache Abdera) to offer a standard and RESTfully simple remote interface, which can be accessed easily by custom code, feed readers, and even browsers.

The WSO2 Governance Registry has been designed both to encourage "grass-roots" community around your data and also to allow for IT-friendly governance. A full feature list follows. We hope you'll find many uses for it, and that you'll share them with us as we work to make it even better!

The WSO2 Governance Registry is available under the Apache Software License v2.0, and can be either used as a complete product or used incombination with components of other WSO2 products. User specific components, extensions or UIs to the Registry can be easily added as Carbon components.

Key Features in this Release

Open Source Components of WSO2 Governance Registry

WSO2 Governance Registry - Documentation

See the full list of documents with instructions on installation, administration and running samples with WSO2 Governance Registry, v3.0.2