Welcome to WSO2 Data Services Server, 2.5.0

20 May 2010 - WSO2 Data Services Server, 2.5.0 Released!

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The WSO2 Data Services Server is an extremely simple and elegant mechanism to take data and make it available as a set of WS-* style Web services or as a set of REST style Web resources. It augments SOA development efforts by providing an easy to use platform for creating and hosting data services. This enables easy integration of data into business processes, mashups, gadgets, BI applications and any service in general.

Figure : Architecture view of WSO2 Data Services Server.

The WSO2 Data Services Server is built on top of the WSO2 Carbon platform. It utilizes many features made available by the Carbon platform. A data service can be summarized into a XML descriptor file written in compliance with Data Services Descriptor Language (DSDL). DSDL is a XML based language defined by WSO2 to write data services.

A custom deployer, written extending the Apache Axis2 deployer framework is responsible for reading this data service descriptor and creating a data service. High performant XML processing capabilities offered by Apache AXIOM is used for generating XML responses on the fly. Some of the third party open source projects used by the WSO2 Data Services Server includes Apache DBCP for managing connection pools for Relational Databases, Google Spreadsheet Data API for reading Google Spreadsheets, OpenCSV for CSV file support and Apache POI for MS-Excel support.

WSO2 Data Services Server, Documentation

See the full list of documents with instructions on installation, administration, sample guides and how to use the tools packaged with WSO2 Data Services Server , 2.5.0 .

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