WSO2 Identity Solution 1.5 Release Notes

New WSO2 Identity Solution feature-rich with OpenID

WSO2 Identity Solution 1.5 Release Note

08 April, 2008

The WSO2 Identity Solution, which enables LAMP and Java websites to provide strong authentication based on the new interoperable Microsoft CardSpace technology, released version 1.5 today. This new release includes OpenID and OpenID Information Cards, further enhancing the WSO2 Identity Solution to cater to a wider audience for web based authentication. OpenID is a key feature in decentralizing single sign-on, much favored by many users.

The WSO2 Identity Solution is built on the open standards Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) and WS-Trust. This version supports SAML version 2.0 in addition to 1.1 which was available in the previous version of the WSO2 Identity Solution.

WSO2's open source security offering features an easy-to-use Identity Provider that is controlled by a simple Web-based management console and supports interoperability with multiple vendors' CardSpace components. This includes those provided by Microsoft .NET.

The WSO2 Identity Solution also works with current enterprise identity directories, such as those based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing them to leverage their existing infrastructure. In addition to the Identity Provider the WSO2 Identity Solution provides a Relying Party Component Set which plugs into the most common Web servers to add support for CardSpace authentication and now OpenID.

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