WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP v 1.2.0 Features



Comprehensive Support for Web Services Standards

WSO2 WSF/PHP supports the basic Web services standards including SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2 ,WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0.

WSF/PHP also supports the following WS-* specifications:


  • WS-Addressing

  • WS-Security

  • WS-SecurityPolicy

  • WS-ReliableMessaging

Proven Interoperability

WSO2 WSF/PHP features proven interoperability with Microsoft .NET, WSO2 WSAS (Apache Axis2/Java based Web services application server) and other J2EE implementations. The basic SOAP level interoperability as well as WS-* specification implementations have been tested and proven to interoperate.

Works with Zend Core 2 WSO2 WSF/PHP has been tested to work with Zend Core 2.5

Portability and Platform Support

WSO2 WSF/PHP has been tested on:

  • Windows XP - Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1

  • Windows XP - Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0

  • Linux - gcc 4.1.1

Attachments with Web Services and Clients You can send and receive attachments with SOAP messages both in optimized as well as non optimized formats with MTOM support.
Secure Web Services and Clients You can send messages with UsernameToken, and with TimeStamp support.
WSO2 WSF/PHP extension also supports advanced WS-Security features including encryption and signing of SOAP messages.
Reliable Web Services and Clients Reliable messaging is supported for both services and clients. Basic SOAP messages as well as messages with attachments can be sent in a reliable way.
REST Support A single service can be exposed both as a SOAP style as well as a REST style service. The client API also supports invoking REST services using HTTP GET and POST methods.

WSDL Generation

WSO2 WSF/PHP can generate WSDL for PHP service scripts. The well known
"?wsdl" (for serving WSDL 1.1) as well as "?wsdl2" (for serving WSDL 2.0) work for PHP Web services scripts.


WSO2 WSF/PHP extension also supports contract first style of implementing Web services and clients. A user can simply provide a WSDL and implement Web services and clients based on the interface given in the WSDL. WS-Addressing and WS-SecurityPolicy is supported in WSDL mode.