Financial Services Solutions

An open source integration platform providing agility and digital transformation for financial services firms

Excellent customer experience and business agility have always been the basis for competitive advantages in financial services. As initiatives like Open Banking and PSD2 enter the picture, customer expectations for secure, digitally driven, innovative services are on the rise. Today’s banks need to develop an infrastructure to support new operational needs, while being able to adapt to and extend easily for new initiatives.

Digital Transformation Through PSD2 and Open Banking Beyond Open Banking Compliance: The Road to Digital Banking

Enabling digital customer experiences

Banks that move from a traditional infrastructure towards a digital-centric infrastructure need to think about

Identity and Access Management

Centralized identity and access management to enforce strong security and single identity for each user while maintaining a frictionless customer experience.

API Integration

Improving integration of internal systems to expose standard APIs and services for consumption.

Monitoring real time data

Monitor and analyze data about subscribers and offer customized Service Integration: Creating external facing APIs allowing external consumption of data to create broader services offerings by third parties.

Streaming Analytics

Comprehensive data analytics to collect and analyze data on customer experience to support insight led marketing and sales strategies.

WSO2 financial services solution

WSO2 provides an open source integration platform that drives a customer centric, digital-first financial enterprise. It comes with

  • Full life cycle API management

    with inbuilt security and analytics for internal and external API initiatives

  • Identity and access management

    supporting identity federation, SSO, and more for secured customer experiences

  • Enterprise integration for data, processes and B2B interaction

    with tooling support and connectors that can scale for integration scenarios of any size

  • Data analytics

    that provide real-time, actionable insights for customer driven business strategies

  • Core banking integration points to

    popular banking systems

  • Financial IT domain expertise working

    with technology standards and protocols of the global financial domain

Reference Architecture for Financial Services