Quick Start Guide
Sandbox Environment

How FHIR® application developers can simply start consuming secured FHIR® APIs


This step-by-step guide walks you through the WSO2 Open Healthcare.


The following components are exposed in this sandbox to try out.

Developer Portal FHIR® Server FHIR®-Applications

Developer Portal

The API Developer Portal is a web interface where developers can discover, evaluate, subscribe to, and consume APIs.

Note: Some functions, which are available by default in the Developer Portal (such as registering applications and subscribing to APIs), are restricted in this sandbox environment.

For more information about the Developer Portal’s features and capabilities, please refer to our documentation at https://apim.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/getting-started/overview/#developer-portal

FHIR® Server

The FHIR® server is a runtime component that serves API requests.

For more information about the API Gateway, please refer to our documentation at https://apim.docs.wso2.com/en/latest/getting-started/overview/#api-gateway


The Sandbox consists of sample applications that demonstrate the usage of FHIR® APIs using sample applications developed on top of FHIR® APIs exposed using the WSO2 Open Healthcare.

For more information refer to Sample FHIR® Applications.

Requesting Access

To access the sandbox, a user must request access from the WSO2 Open Healthcare team. After reviewing the request, the team will grant access and email the credentials (please note that credentials are fixed), including sample application user credentials.

  1. Visit Open Healthcare web site and click “TRY IT OUT”. Registration for will popup
  2. “TRY IT OUT”
  3. Provide relevant information and click “SUBMIT”. WSO2 Open Healthcare team will review your application and email you user credentials to the Developer portal and sample user credentials.
  4. Provide relevant information and click “SUBMIT”

Discovering and Invoking APIs

Once users receive the sandbox credentials, they can be used to log in to the Developer Portal.

  1. Navigate to the Developer Portal to view the available APIs.
  2. Developer Portal
  3. Click “SIGN-IN”
  4. Click “SIGN-IN”
  5. You will be redirected to a login page. Fill the form with the credentials emailed to you and click “Continue”.
  6. Continue
  7. Click the selected API; you will be directed to an overview page that contains details of the API.
  8. Note: API subscription capabilities are disabled in this sandbox.

    Click the selected API
  9. Select the “Production and Sandbox” dropdown under the Gateway Environments section in the overview to retrieve the API’s base URL.
  10. Production and Sandbox
  11. Then, click ”Applications” to view a list of applications.
  12. Note: Application creation capabilities are disabled in this sandbox. Applications

  13. A list of applications owned or shared with you will be listed in the view. Note the “SharedSandboxApp” in the applications list. It is the pre-created shared application subscribed to all the APIs deployed in the Sandbox
  14. SharedSandboxApp
  15. Once you click on the application, you will be directed to the overview page.
  16. Once you click on the application
  17. Click “Production Keys” to view OAuth-related keys and secrets of the shared application.
  18. Production Keys
  19. You will be directed to a page with the application’s OAuth details.
  20. OAuth details
  21. Click “GENERATE ACCESS TOKEN” to generate OAuth access token to invoke the API.
  23. The following popup will appear. Click “GENERATE” to generate the access token.
  25. Copy the generated token.
  26. Copy the generated token
  27. Now you can use your favorite HTTP Client and invoke tha API. For example, if you use Postman, you can do the following.
  28. Postman

Sample FHIR® Applications

Insurance-One Application

This sample application demonstrates how patients can view Insurance Claim information from the FHIR® ExplanationOfBenefit API exposed by a payer.

Use Case - Sequence Diagram

Use Case - Sequence diagram

FHIR® EoB API Implementation

The Insurance-One application is based on the FHIR® ExplanationOfBenefit API. The ExplanationOfBenefit API is developed on a database containing claim data, which is typically used in a payer’s internal IT system. The data stored in the database are exposed as FHIR® Resources using integration capabilities available in the WSO2 Open Healthcare, without affecting or altering the existing system.

FHIR® EoB API Implementation

How to Use the Insurance-One Application

  1. Navigate to the URL: https://fhir-open.sandbox-healthcare.wso2.com/applications/insurance-one/
  2. Navigate to the URL
  3. Click “LOGIN” and you will be redirected to the login page.
  4. “LOGIN”
  5. Use the sample application user credentials, which were emailed to you, to login to the application.
  6. Then you will be directed to the home page of the application.
  7. home page of the application
  8. In the top you can find the Patient Identification ID of the user logged in. Click “GET MY BENEFITS”, to retrieve patient claim benefits from the FHIR® EoB API
  10. List of benefit will get listed as follows
  11. List of benefit will get listed as follows
  12. Click on a specific claim row to view more details about the claim
  13. Click on a specific claim row to view more details about the claim
  14. More detailed information about claim will be listed below the table
  15. More detailed information about claim will be listed below the table
  16. You can view the rest calls made by the application to the FHIR® API and the response by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner
  17. FHIR® API and the response
  18. Console view
  19. Console view