An Open Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT)

From enterprise organizations to self-tracking, home automation, and geo fencing, our lives are advancing rapidly with connected devices helping us save money, time and even live healthier.

Valuable insights derived by analyzing the vast amount of data you gather, and acting upon them in a timely way impacts how you deliver new services and solutions as well as improve efficiencies of current business models.

The WSO2 Platform helps you ramp up your IoT solutions to open new revenue streams and build rewarding relationships with customers, partners and other stakeholders, quickly. We offer a highly scalable architecture with the flexibility to add or subtract capabilities, as well as support the many varied requirements of the Internet-connected devices.

Addressing the core challenges of any IoT solution

Device management

Connecting to and managing a wide range of devices

Integrating the IoT world and the IT world

Enterprises and their partner services and processes seamlessly integrated

Big data analytics

A platform optimized to collect and analyze millions of events per seconds, providing batch, real-time and predictive analytics


Controlling access to collected data and devices


Processing millions of generated events across thousands of devices, and growing the deployment as the number of devices grow

Adapting to the future

Future-proof platform to continually evolve your technology in a consistent and stable manner

WSO2 provides the only modular, open source platform that includes all the capabilities you require for the Internet of Things

External Communication

External Communication

An API-centric architecture bridges ecosystem participants. The complete WSO2 API Management solution handles the lifecycle of APIs and supports API publishers. It offers a developer focused portal to find, explore, and subscribe to APIs.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Complete identity management to control access to collected data provides unprecedented security. It includes token-based access for actuators via OAuth2 and policy-based access control via XACML. You can also integrate between different identity providers and service providers along with identity brokering.

Analytics and Event Processing

Event Processing and Analytics

High performance real-time analytics engine with a data collection model that supports direct collection of data from the bus/aggregation layer. It allows time-based and pattern-matching queries to be written in a simple SQL-like language and can handle 400k+ events per second on a single node. You can also scale out from a small deployment to a system that can handle billions of transactions a day without affecting availability.



The WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) provides HTTP, MQTT, and other protocol support, along with protocol mediation and bridging, and data transformation. It is highly scalable; capable of handling over 2bn requests a day.

Device Management

Device Management

Mobile device management for iOS, Android and various IoT devices systematically collects and analyses data at rest and in motion (real-time and predictive analysis). It includes a full app store for managing applications and provisioning applications on to managed devices.

IoT Reference Architecture