PRESTO is an initiative created by DGME department of the French government to improve links between ministries by supporting a common protocol, based on open standards and the Web services specifications. You can find more out about it here.

PRESTO stands for PRotocole d’Echange STandard Ouvert (which means Open Standards Exchange Protocol).

What It Is

At a basic level it is a set of standards for different parties (in this case the French government departments) to communicate in a standard way.

The Standards Specified Include:

  • SOAP 1.2
  • WS-Addressing submission
  • WS-ReliableMessaging submission

The specification will be updated over time in order to use the recommendation for WS-Addressing and the WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1 specification. WS-Security is optional at this time.

In addition to the above there is a very simple WSDL that specifies how to send a document both one-way and two-way.

WSO2, in association with Zend, is one of the industrial partners in the project.

Using Apache Axis2/PHP (which will be part of the Zend Framework) and Axis2/Java (including WSO2's Tungsten server), we support all the standards of Presto, and have taken part in the interop tests.

This Solution Has a Number of Significant Benefits:

  • Native support for PHP, Java and C
  • Full support for the protocol components, including SOAP1.2, WS-Addressing submission, MTOM/XOP, WS-ReliableMessaging 1.0
  • Completely Open Source
  • Simple community-developed components
  • Non-proprietary

PHP offers a very simple framework that supports Web developers in connecting with PRESTO: A simple, native extension to PHP allows easy coding, and has very high performance. This approach completely hides the complexity of Web services from the developer.

Apache Axis2 with Sandesha2 also supports the same PRESTO protocol in Java and C. With the WSO2 Tungsten application server framework it is very simple to support all the standards.

Over the next few months this document will be enhanced to add sample code and adapters for PRESTO as well as links to the Open Source projects.

WSO2 and Zend are actively looking for beta customers for the PRESTO solution. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected].

In the meantime, you can download the Java application server - WSO2 Tungsten, and start trying out SOAP 1.2, MTOM and WSRM.