WSO2 Subscription

Your mission-critical projects need enterprise-grade support and updates.

Take advantage of a WSO2 on-prem product subscription for the full range of software product benefits needed in your enterprise, like expert support, continuous product updates, vulnerability monitoring, and access to the licensed distribution for commercial use.

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WSO2 Subscription

Subscription Benefits

Improved Productivity

Supported distribution

Full production license to ready-to-deploy software builds like Docker, Puppet, and Ansible that are fully tested and work seamlessly with our update process.

Better Decision-Making


Subscription to the WSO2 Update service and related tooling, providing continuous access to product improvements, bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements.

Refresh Your Investments


Expert support to keep your production systems and your development process on track.

Enhanced Digital Experience


Access to migration scripts, documentation, and run-books that guide you when migrating from one version to another.

Increased Agility


Access to a variety of optional consulting services like Quickstart, training, architecture and deployment reviews, and consulting services from design through deployment and maintenance.

Increased Agility

For more information

See our Service Definitions and FAQ page.

WSO2 offers a subscription for our on-prem products, and we offer Choreo and Asgardeo as a service.
For more information about what's included in our SaaS products and terms of support, please see the Choreo and Asgardeo pages.


Your support questions will be handled right from the start by engineers with deep expertise, so you can avoid excessive back-and-forth responses and repeated escalations. Plus, our support team is globally distributed and available up to 24x7x365, ensuring that you receive the support you need when you need it.

We offer two support plans to align with your needs and budget: Basic Support and Enterprise Support. For more information, check out our Support Policy and SLA.


WSO2 Support Includes:

Incident Support: for issues impacting your operations, Incident Support guarantees a response time of under 1 hour for high-severity incidents and no limit to the number of cases. Enterprise Support for incidents is available 24x7x365.

Query Support: for general queries about best practices, product assistance, or usage, access our developer support services on an hourly basis with a one-business-day SLA.

An optional Customer Success Manager (CSM) acts as a primary point of contact to answer queries, coordinate issues and manage a priority support queue during working hours in your timezone. We include options for onsite presence at your location.

WSO2 Updates

Maintain the health and security of your solution with WSO2 Updates, which continuously delivers security and bug fixes in easy-to-consume formats.

Stay Ahead of Issues

WSO2 Updates addresses issues before they affect your operations, eliminating potential impacts to your production systems.

Proactive Monitoring

We continuously monitor hundreds of open source projects, academic security reports, and customer queries to develop the most up-to-date protection from vulnerabilities.


For urgent issues, WSO2 Updates supports hotfixes that you can deploy in a production environment with a minimal amount of testing in a lower environment, significantly lowering bounce-back times.

Version Backports

WSO2 backports updates to older versions as well as the latest version so you can be fully patched at all times.

Multiple Options

Updates are available through WSO2 Update or download our latest Docker images for containerized deployments.

For More Information

Review our WSO2 Updates Documentation and Best Practices Guide.


We all know that migration to a new version can be difficult. WSO2 is here to help you migrate between software versions. With a WSO2 subscription, you get the following benefits:

Migration Documentation and Run-books

Step-by-step guidance on updating your deployment.

Migration Scripts

Scripts and tools that help you move production data from one version to another.

Query Support

Engage our team of experts to walk through any questions.

Migration Assistance

Optional discounted consulting services to ensure a smooth migration process.

Case Studies

WSO2 Private Cloud

Let WSO2 experts host, run, and maintain your deployments in any cloud environment like AWS, Azure, or GCP. Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by relying on WSO2’s dedicated cloud team instead of expensive in-house expertise. WSO2 Private Cloud includes the following:

WSO2 Private Cloud

WSO2 software hosted on dedicated cloud infrastructure for you and separate from other customers.

Selecting a cloud provider between Azure, AWS, or GCP in the region of your choice.

Hosting on Amazon, Azure, or Google Cloud infrastructure in the region of your choice.

Leveraging WSO2’s deep knowledge of best practices for DevOps, configuration, network connectivity, and security.

Full-service operations with 24x7 monitoring, backups, and product update cycles.

99.99% uptime SLA and automatic incident creation in case of service impairment.

WSO2 Software License

Our supported product distributions, updates, and update tooling are available under the WSO2 Software License, which provides for:


Commercial and production use with a paid WSO2 Subscription.


Permanently free use for evaluation, educational, and non-commercial purposes.