Who is WSO2 Suzy?

Suzy is our AI chatbot. She is available to answer basic questions and general best practices related to WSO2 ESB and API Manager.

Ask Suzy any questions related to these

  • Quick reference guide for product related information
  • A tool to get around documentation
  • Best practices guide search utility
  • An automated support agent

Apart from responding to text-based chats, Suzy can build conversations using Facebook quick replies shown as buttons of texts under the answer panel. You can use the quick replies mechanism on Facebook chat as a guided traversal mechanism to explore WSO2's support knowledge base.

Where can I find Suzy?

Suzy is currently available on WSO2's Support Facebook page chat.

How do I ask Suzy for help?

Go to WSO2's Facebook page to chat with Suzy. Click on 'Send Message' as shown below to ask your questions.

WSO2 Support Bot

Got a question about ESB, Enterprise Integrator or API Manager? Ask Suzy, our Support Chat Bot.

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