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Realize the full potential of your mission-critical projects with a WSO2 Subscription.

With a subscription you can confidently put your trust in us. Our enterprise-grade subscription model packages our open source products with constant monitoring and updates to ensure our software is secure and reliable. You should consider this as a mandatory requirement for all mission-critical projects.


WSO2 Update

Gives you continuous access to product improvements, bug fixes, security updates and performance enhancements that can be used in production.

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24x7 Incident Support

Provides expert support and reactive maintenance with aggressive response and resolution times. The number of tickets you can raise are not limited.


Query Support

Offers advice and assistance with product usage, development or migration, product tuning, and best practices.

Managed Cloud

Eliminate operational hassle and increase your infrastructure reliability and performance with our managed cloud offering.

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Consulting Services

Augment your team by working with WSO2 experts who will help you design solutions and identify best practices.

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Consulting Services

When you have complex projects spanning multiple WSO2 products, teaming up with us is a great option. The strategic consulting package augments your team by bringing in WSO2 experts who will work onsite or offsite as well as on a short term or long term basis to help them design solutions and identify WSO2 product best practices. This model ensures project success in minimal time from day one by offering architectural, development and operational services.

WSO2 QuickStart PackageWSO2 QuickStart Package helps you jumpstart an evaluation or proof of concept in just 5 days by working with two onsite expert consultants.


We offer a broad array of online and on-site courses that inspire confidence and helps you become an expert in no time.

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For free open source users, we have limited channels of support that is driven by our community.

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Our support team is staffed entirely by “L3” engineers - developers and permanent support staff skilled in the inner workings of all things WSO2 so you can be sure your queries are handled by experts from the start, without escalation. We’re committed to your success and will work with you to ensure you achieve all your business goals in record time; whether it be by providing technical support, interacting with our consulting staff to share knowledge, enabling internal talent or augmenting your development and operational staff throughout your project lifecycle.

WSO2 Support

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