WSO2 Certification

WSO2 Certified API Manager 2

Target Audience

This certification is designed for developers who have a thorough knowledge of WSO2 API Manager and have already successfully obtained the WSO2 Certified API Manager 2 Developer certification.

A WSO2 Certified API Manager Expert should be able to:
  • Propose a pre-sales solution using the following constructs.
    • Proper domain concepts and patterns
    • Complete and standard set of product feature set
    • Product architecture and message flows
    • Product extension and customization points
    • WSO2 connectors
    • WSO2 product integration with third parties
    • Product deployment best practices and migration
  • Deliver customized pre-sales demos, POCs, and samples according to given business use cases.
  • Deliver development services for WSO2 API Manager; this includes product configuration and artifact development.
  • Set up WSO2 API Manager and dependencies according to standard deployment patterns.
  • Develop and deliver product standard extensions.
  • Deliver product localizations and recommended customizations.
  • Review configurations and artifacts of a given deployment.

WSO2 Certified API Manager Developer certification.

Exam Content

This exam is based on the WSO2 API Manager 2.6 version.

Knowledge on standards and technologies related to the product, features of the product, deployment and configuration management, and extensions and customization of the product will be tested.

Candidates should have a working knowledge of:

  • API Manager components and their usage
  • Creating and publishing APIs
  • Managing tenants and users
  • API import and export
  • Managing the gateway - Security, Caching, Throttling
  • Consuming and subscribing to APIs
  • Analytics
  • API monetization - billing model, monetization process
  • Published APIs
  • Clustering and load balancing
  • Distributed API Manager deployment
  • Extensions, customization, custom sequences
  • Working with security - Configuring SSO with WSO2 Identity Server, JWT tokens, encrypting secure endpoint passwords, maintaining logins and passwords, key manager configuration, CORS
  • API Microgateway
  • Application import and export
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for WSO2 API Manager

Examination Format

Examination Format

Examination Cost: $150

Examination Cost: $200

Examination Dates
  • First attempt: 8th through 14th of each month (register by the 1st of that month)
  • Second attempt: 28th and 29th of each month (register by the 26th of that month)

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