Sample Questions

Working with APIs

How can the API access be temporarily disabled for a specific consumer who has subscribed to the API?

  • a) Block the API from the Lifecycle page.
  • b) Delete the subscription.
  • c) Block API subscription from Consumers page.
  • d) Change rate limits to 0.

Developer Portal

What is NOT true when subscribing to an API via the Choreo Developer Portal?

  • a) A user must have the API subscriber role to subscribe to an API.
  • b) When multiple APIs are subscribed by a single application, the same access token can be used to invoke all of them.
  • c) The user must generate an access token before subscribing to APIs.
  • d) A single API can have subscriptions from many applications.


What is the recommended approach to log the payload passing through your API proxy?

  • a) Select Log Payload from Manage -> Settings page.
  • b) Add the Log Message policy to the API proxy.
  • c) Write a Ballerina service and use it as a proxy to do the logging.
  • d) None of the above.

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