Sample Questions

Integration Development, Deployment, and Connectivity

What does the WSO2 Integration Studio provide for developing integration flows with Choreo?

  • a) A graphical development environment
  • b) A mobile-based development environment
  • c) A command-line interface
  • d) A web-based development environment

What build preset should be used for integration projects developed with WSO2 Integration Studio in Choreo?

  • a) Ballerina
  • b) WSO2 MI
  • c) Dockerfile
  • d) None of the above

Integration Security, Compliance, and Governance

How does Choreo handle security for your integrations?

  • a) No built-in security features
  • b) Provides basic security features only
  • c) Limited security options for certain integrations
  • d) Comprehensive security, including mTLS, RBAC, and integration with identity providers

Ballerina Language

What is the recommended way to externalize a configuration in a Ballerina program?

  • a) Add all the configurations to a YAML file and read that file
  • b) Declare a configurable variable and define it in the Config.toml file
  • c) Use APIs to read from environment variables
  • d) Store the configuration values in a separate properties file that is read by the program at runtime

Ballerina - HTTP Module

Which statement is INCORRECT with regards to data binding?

  • a) It is the process of mapping the inbound payload to a Ballerina type
  • b) It increases security by validating the payload types and the structure
  • c) It works on both the service and client side
  • d) None of the above

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