Sample Questions


Which module type is NOT supported under Maven Multi Project in Integration Studio?

  • a) Docker Exporter Project
  • b) ESB Configs Project
  • c) Composite Exporter Project
  • d) Inbound Exporter Project

Triggering Messages

Select a trigger mechanism in Micro Integrator to inject messages into sequences in Micro Integrator?

  • a) Proxy services
  • b) APIs
  • c) Tasks
  • d) All of the above

Mediating Messages

What are the correct steps in creating a Proxy Service in Integration Studio from scratch?

  • a) Set up workspace, Create integration project, Create proxy service, Add relevant mediators
  • b) Create Integration Project, Set up workspace, Create proxy service, Add relevant mediators
  • c) Create proxy service, Add relevant mediators, Create integration project, Set up workspace
  • d) Set up workspace, Create integration project, Add relevant mediators, Create proxy service

SaaS and B2B Integration

A salesperson wants to manage sales opportunities using Salesforce + Google Spreadsheets. What is the mechanism available in Micro Integrator to achieve this without putting significant effort into development?

  • a) Connectors
  • b) Scheduled Task
  • c) Class mediators
  • d) Inbound Endpoints


Which of these is not a log type available in Micro Integrator?

  • a) Carbon Logs
  • b) Wire logs
  • c) HTTP access logs
  • d) Websocket logs

Mediation Best Practices

Which statement is deemed as a best practice?

  • a) If an error occurs in mediation there should be sufficient logs to find the issue
  • b) Using sequence templates and endpoint templates improves readability
  • c) Artifact names should be prefixed or postfixed according to their use case if there are many of them
  • d) All of the above

Advanced Concepts

Which of these NOT an advantage of using a TOML-based config model in Micro Integrator?

  • a) Focus on configurations and not product components
  • b) Minimize human errors during product configurations
  • c) To reduce the package distribution size
  • d) Consistency in configuration grouping

Extending the Product

State whether the following statement is true or false:

To implement a class mediator you need to extend your mediator from AbstractConnector class.

  • a) TRUE
  • b) FALSE


Which methods are used to dynamically enable the wire logs in Micro Integrator? Select all that apply.

  • a) Use Micro Integrator Dashboard
  • b) Use Command Line Tool
  • c) Change Deployment.toml file without restarting
  • d) Use Integration Studio

Applying Security

State whether the following statement is true or false.

Static secrets can only be plain text values in Micro Integrator.

  • a) TRUE
  • b) FALSE