Sample Questions

What is the correct statement about the signature of id_token which is generated in OpenID Connect?

  • a) Signature algorithm is configurable
  • b) Signature is not generated by default
  • c) Default signature algorithm is set to SHA128_WITH_RSA by default
  • d) None of the above

Answer: a

SAML authentication context classes are URIs that specify authentication methods in SAML authentication requests and authentication statements. The requirement is to pass this URI from the client application to the federated identity provider through the WSO2 Identity Server. A third-party identity provider is configured as the federated identity provider in the WSO2 Identity Server. What is the solution for this?

  • a) This is not possible to do by default in the WSO2 Identity Server
  • b) You can configure this in the outbound SAML2 connector in WSO2 Identity Server
  • c) You need to write a custom extension to meet this requirement
  • d) You can enable this in the identity.xml file

Answer: b